Jalori Pass Trek - 4 Days

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Tents with all basic amenties

Jalori Pass is connecting link between Kullu and Shimla district. In this article I am going to tell you guys how to reach Jalori pass and what are various activities to do in Banjar valley.

Jalori pass can be accessed by Kullu as well as Shimla district. If you start your journey from Kullu district you are going to witness places like Banjar>>>Ghiyagi>>>>Shoja>>>>Jalori pass and if you are following an alternate path that is from Shimla then your route is going to be Shimla<<<Luhri<<<Ani<<<< Jalori pass.The milestones along the road will help you to reach your destination. The roads are single lane but in good condition till Shoja. After that the roads are motarble but not in that good condition. Reaching Jalori pass is to be witness of the natures adorable creation which will become part of your eternal memories and will last forever.

Day 1
Sahiropa - Baghi

Since it will the first day of trek, we will leave in the morning for a gradual climb through forest of pine cider to the Bhihari village with its traditional mountain architecture situated a top of the ridge as well providing extensive view of the valley, temple of the Shringa Rishi (Saint Shringa) impressive role in Indian Mythology is in direct vision. Further, we will go for a short walk to the temple with its Shikhra style of stricture, inside the temple impressive carving which is representing mythological history of India although lord Vishnu visit temple and pay homage to the Saint Shringa, camp site close to the temple. Enjoy delicious dinner followed by an overnight stay in tents.

Day 2
Baghi - Jhibhi

Today morning, we will leave from Baghi to Jhibhi, which is around 6 hrs journey. An ancient nine story castle was built by queen Chehni, Thus, the name Chehni derived from the queen. Marechh may take over from her. Latter British took over this castle, Raja Maan Singh was the last king .of this castle. In 1905 AD Due to heavy earth quake in India its top three floors has been collapsed and it was rebuilt immediately. On the top floor, the main place of the Saint Shringa is remaining through his mask, one can climb up to pay the homage. (Those who have vertigo problem are not advised to climb up.) Thereafter, we will leave the Chehni Kothi and continue through the forest is well known for its flora, on the way lunch stop on ideal place, easy walk to the camp site.

Day 3
Jhibhi - Shoja

In the morning after breakfast, we will leave to walk on an easy trail in beginning through villages till Ghyaghi, cross a stream and steady climb for 3 hours to Shoja village, camp site after short distance out of village. It is one of the most beautiful sites providing breathtaking view as well dominating the valley. Enjoy an overnight stay in Shoja in tents.

Day 4
Shoja - Khanag (2400 mts/7872 ft)

After breakfast in the morning, we will leave Shoja early in the morning, as it is a long day. The trek starts, 6 hours, over Jalori pass (3115 m) via Sarau Sar (holy lake). It winds through the lovely dense forests teeming with an amazing variety of bird life. Chances of spotting the Himalayan black bear and the elusive Monal Pheasant are quite good. From the pass, easy ascend to the lake dedicated to the local God Descend to the campsite in Khanag. Overnight stay in tents.

Day 5
Back to Base Camp

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